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Property Inspections require alot of hard work and an attention to detail to produce the most accurate report possible. We at Hand In Hand Property Inspections, LLC offer competitive, honest and straightforward pricing. We will not add on extra charges or services that were not agreed upon, the price that you are quoted is exactly what you will pay.

Residential & Commercial

Please call for quote. Price will depend on age and square footage of the home or business.

Mold Testing

Residential - $300 

Commercial - $500

Wood-Destroying Insect Inspections

Residential - $75 ($25 with Home Inspection) 

Commercial - $150 ($100 with Property Inspection)

Radon Testing

Residential - $150 ($125 with Home Inspection)

Commercial - Will depend on square footage.

Radon Mitigation

Please call for quote. Price will vary based on the best solution for lowering radon levels in your home or business.


Thank you for your service!

We at Hand In Hand Property Inspections, LLC appreciate the service men and woman of our country. Please enjoy a $50 discount for all current and former military, as well as current and retired law enforcement, fire, and EMS. Thank you for everything that you do!

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